DS is a non-profit organisation affiliated to the International Diabetes Federation and the National Council of Social Service.

Our Objectives
- To provide service to people with diabetes and others interested in diabetes
- To undertake activities that promote the general well-being of people with diabetes or are at risk of diabetes
- To strive to remove prejudice and ignorance concerning diabetes.

Our Mission Statement
To raise awareness and to provide education, counselling and support to people with diabetes, their families and the community in order to empower them to lead a healthy and productive life.

Our Management Committee (2016/2018)

President Dr Kevin Tan Eng Kiat
Vice President Dr Bee Yong Mong
Vice President Dr Kalpana Bhaskaran
Asst Honorary Secretary Dr Daphne Gardner Su-Lyn
Honorary Treasurer Ms Evelyn Hah Siew Yoong
Asst Honorary Treasurer Ms Juliana Lim Bee Yoke
Committee Member

Ms Aslena Bte Hussain
Mr Yong Chiang Boon
Ms Maurine Lam
Mr Steven Seow Chun Yann
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