Membership is open to all:

(i) Individuals with diabetes
(ii) Individuals who are interested in diabetes care and the objectives of the society and;
(iii) Members of the medical and paramedical profession.


(i) Ordinary Membership
a) $35.00 (Jan to Dec)
b) $25.00 (Jul to Dec)
c) $70.00 (3 Years)
d) $105.00 (5 Years)

All prices are inclusive of $15.00 entrance fee.

(ii) Associate Membership (for family members)
  Subscription Fee S$10.00 (1 year)
  Entrance Fee Nil

Benefits of DS Members:

Purchase diabetic medical supplies – test strips, syringes, needles, etc. at discounted prices at any DS centres.

Discounted rates for complication screenings – HbA1c, eye screening, Counseling & Screening by the Dietitians and Podiatristsetc. at DS centres.
- Complementary copies of the Society’s newsletter.
- Participate in public forums & workshops at special rates.

Join the Support Groups to learn & share on diabetes care with fellow members.

Download memberhsip form and mail to us

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